Testimonials - KN Technical

Ian McDonald

“I first worked with Kevin in 1997 at a small fabrication and installation company. I was taken on as the Workshop Manager and Kevin was a new Draughtsman to the business. It quickly became apparent that Kev was streets ahead of his peers in both his understanding of the drawing system that he was using and in his output. This was a real benefit to the company as everything was a quick turnaround with great attention to detail.”

“From 2006 until 2017 we both found ourselves at Adey Steel in Loughborough. This was a significantly bigger company to our previous employer. Kevin was employed as a Contract Manager running multi-million-pound projects. Not only did Kevin run these contracts successfully, but he was very popular, not only with clients but also with our installation teams.”

“Kev has a great work ethic; he is a real problem solver and is always willing to share his time and expertise with others. One thing that I also found with him is his immediate grasp of any given situation. He was often halfway to working out a solution while the rest of us were still trying to grasp the problem. He is one of the most positive, forward thinking people I have ever worked with and a really decent person.”